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Carrier-grade solutions to monetize, optimize, and secure your network.

As the digital revolution continues, consumers and enterprises are more reliant than ever on service providers like you to keep them connected. But scaling and supporting your networks to keep up with demand isn’t just complicated, it’s expensive. F5 solutions can help you optimize and monetize your current infrastructure, so you can implement new services quickly, keeping your network competitive and increasing profits.

And because threats continue to evolve as well, you’ll get integrated security solutions that continue to protect your network.

Adapt your network to a 5G world.

5G networks offer opportunities to broaden the value that your network brings by connecting more people and more IoT devices in more ways. With the sheer number of devices projected, there’s immense pressure to scale networks while maintaining reliability and performance. And of course, with more connections, come more threats. Properly securing networks in a 5G world is complicated, yet vital.

F5 offers solutions to help you scale and secure your network, expand your service portfolio, quickly launch new services, and experiment without impacting your entire network. Our solutions cover your network from the edge through the core, from the data center to the cloud.

Protect your network infrastructure at every layer

Increasing and evolving threats require a multi-faceted approach. Security measures should be applied across every domain in service provider networks, as well as between users and the applications they are accessing across your network. F5 solutions provide multi-layer and multi-domain protection.

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Maximize the benefits of NFV

Implementing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is key to improving agility and scalability, and it requires appropriate management and orchestration. F5 provides solutions that deliver the core functions service providers need to transition from existing infrastructures to fully integrated and orchestrated NFV architectures.

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Create a simpler and more profitable network

Increasing complexity in networks and traffic patterns present service providers with constant scalability and performance challenges in the data plane. F5 solutions enable a simplified, high-performance network that delivers a high quality of experience for subscribers and maximizes profitability.

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Take control of signaling growth

The rollout of LTE brought with it massive growth in Diameter and DNS signaling—and the requirement continues to grow. F5 provides a strategic point of control in the signaling plane to help service providers simplify the network architecture, efficiently manage resources, respond to changes in real time, and quickly roll out new services to optimize the customer experience.

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F5 and NEBS compliance

Equipment deployed in a provider network needs to be safe, reliable, and easy to deploy. Critical F5 service provider products are Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) compliant. The NEBS standards in GR-63 (minimum spatial and environmental criteria) and GR-1089 (Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety) provide uniform criteria for equipment design intended to reduce the cost of deployment and maintain reliability of the network, even in extreme conditions. These standards are why telephones work after an extreme event, like an earthquake or a severe thunderstorm. NEBS requirements are utilized all over the world for a host of commercial, utility, and defense applications.

Security for Service Providers:

Security Without Boundaries: Multi-Domain and Multi-Layer. The security threat landscape continues to rapidly evolve and is now impacting broadband networks at every domain. Network congestion, service degradation, and manipulation of network resources and applications are increasing. Using a programmable, high-performance services fabric, F5 helps service providers protect network resources and functions while minimizing application downtime and maximizing end-user quality of experience.

Core Network and Data Center Security

Get protection at every layer. Service provider core network elements and support infrastructure are more prone to outside threats than ever before. Advanced persistent threats (APTs), DDoS attacks, and DNS-level attacks threaten network and service availability and performance. With F5 solutions, service providers gain a unified, multi-layer defense to protect the entire network infrastructure.

Carrier-Class Network Firewall

Solve Scaling and Network Security Challenges

Always-evolving technologies expose communication service providers to numerous threats—brand damage, subscriber service disruption, and next generation attacks that pilfer private information. Using F5 carrier class network firewall, service providers gain extensive security and scale critical for accommodating increased network traffic, growth in subscriber devices, and the internet of things that keep our digital world connected.

Protect Core Network Elements and Every Layer In-Between

F5’s carrier-class network firewall provides end-to-end security. From customer billing and provisioning systems to protecting LTE network infrastructure and strengthening mobile device security—APTs and DDoS attacks don’t stand a chance. Our multilayered redundant security platform supports new 4G-LTE, 5G, and VoLTE technologies and easily integrates with today’s NFV environments. Defending assets at scale, without impairing performance is the security approach that earns us trust by all 10 of the Tier-1 operators.

lTE Security Deployment

Carrier Grade NAT

Managing the IPv4 to IPv6 Transition

The worldwide proliferation of wireless devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) have led to the rapid depletion of IPv4 addresses. For service providers, it’s a challenge to support and manage existing IPv4 devices and content traversing the network, while at the same time transitioning to support newer IPv6 devices and applications. And because IPv6 devices and content are not backwards-compatible with IPv4, your IPv6 migration strategy needs to support the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 during the gradual transition.

Seamlessly Support IPv4 and IPv6 Networks

As part of F5s security solutions, carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) provides a complete set of tools to help service providers manage the depletion of IPv4 addresses and migrate to IPv6. These include tunneling with Dual-Stack Lite capabilities as well as native network address translation solutions such as NAT44, NAT64, NAPT, and 464XLAT. These highly scalable, high-performance solutions can help you be more efficient in managing IPv4 address depletion while seamlessly migrating to IPv6.

Intelligent DNS

Ensuring continuous availability for subscribers

DNS is one of the most important components in a service provider’s networking architecture. If DNS goes down, services fail to function properly and the subscriber experience suffers. DNS is also a tempting target for DDoS attacks that can affect all external data center services. With the growth of 4G/LTE and new technologies that create a flood of packet-based traffic, operators need a faster, more flexible, and more intelligent DNS infrastructure that can scale to ensure availability and security in the face of increasing demand.

Dynamic and scalable DNS

F5’s Intelligent DNS for service providers creates a dynamic service-delivery infrastructure that proactively scales and adapts to maximize DNS availability and performance based on changing network and data center conditions. The solution consolidates LDNS, authoritative DNS, and infrastructure DNS and can handle more than 20 million requests per second on a single platform, ensuring stability and security to deliver the best possible experience for subscribers.

Dynamic and scalable DNS

Application-Layer Security

Protecting at Every Layer

As advanced persistent threats (APTs) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks increase in volume and sophistication, attacks have become multi-layered, targeting various network elements, DNS infrastructure, and web-based applications — sometimes all at the same time. Advanced attacks now aim past the networks, past the data center perimeters, and directly at the applications. This can disrupt service provider hosted web applications, customer billing and provisioning systems, customer service applications, and other hosted applications. A secure service provider network design requires protection at every layer.

A Complete Application-Layer Firewall

F5 provides the most agile and scalable web application firewall (WAF) available. F5 Application Security Manager (ASM) leverages F5’s deep application experience and fluency to detect and mitigate HTTP-based attacks. It protects vital applications with comprehensive, policy-based web application security that blocks attacks and secures data center applications against threats and zero-day attacks. With industry-leading layer-7 DDoS defenses and SIP DoS protection, the solution detects, mitigates, and enables granular visibility into attacks while scaling to ensure maximum performance.

A Complete Application-Layer Firewall

Signaling Security

Protect your network resources. Mobile operators are experiencing security incidents and attacks resembling those that ISPs have been experiencing for years. Network congestion, service degradation or complete outage, and exposure of user information and signaling messages are serious concerns. F5 provides a consolidated signaling platform that protects your network resources from signaling storms and other signaling security threats.

Diameter Security

Building a Secure Signaling Architecture

As service providers deploy IP-based LTE networks with a flatter and more open architecture, they are inherently more vulnerable to security threats that are increasing in both volume and diversity. The LTE evolved packet core (EPC) – as well as signaling and subscriber information – is not well-protected from attacks that come from outside the network access points. Equally troublesome is the rising trend of signaling storms that may occur due to operational issues or from malicious attacks.

Roaming agreements and third-party content providers complicate the situation by adding outside network connections. F5 offers a strategic approach to security with a consolidated Diameter signaling platform that optimizes the signaling network and protects against signaling security threats.

LTE Roaming

Optimize delivery of roaming services

Communications service providers (CSPs) are facing a major shift in how traditional voice and data services are delivered and managed. With global travel and communications, consumers want services available no matter where in the world they are. Mobile voice and data services need to be accessible outside consumers’ home territories so they can make calls and connect to the Internet with minimal configuration changes. F5’s LTE Roaming solution delivers an ecosystem of products and services that enable CSPs to deliver key LTE features by making the infrastructure available and secure, extending functionality, and simplifying the process of creating advanced roaming solutions.

Expand coverage, maintain availability, and reduce costs

F5 delivers a complete solution to help CSPs meet all new infrastructure requirements and optimize data capabilities of LTE roaming agreements with key partners. BIG-IP Diameter Traffic Management can deliver secure, reliable services and scale connectivity to multiple roaming partners, ensuring quality customer experiences and greater mobile revenues.

Expand coverage, maintain availability, and reduce costs