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F5 Networks

F5 VIPRION Hardware Chassis and Blades

Extends your infrastructure by adding blades without disrupting apps or users

A range of highly programmable, cloud-ready hardware options, from entry-level appliances to the highest performing application delivery controller in the world.

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VIPRION Platform

Incredibly Flexible, Unbelievably Powerful—The Hardware You Need

Maximize app scale and firewall performance

With its industry-leading layer 4–7 throughput, connection processing, and SSL/ECC performance, VIPRION efficiently manages the most demanding applications and consolidates your app delivery. In addition, as an ICSA Labs Certified firewall solution, F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) on VIPRION provides native, high-performance network firewall services, protecting apps from attacks.

  • Embedded Packet Velocity Acceleration (ePVA) FPGAs - L4 offload, enabling leading hardware throughput rates and reducing loads on software.
  • Interconnection Scale - High-performance interconnection between Ethernet ports and processors.
  • High-Performance Attack Protection - Detection and mitigation of more than 100 types of threat vectors.

Simplify your network

With VIPRION’s massive performance and scalability, you can reduce the number of application delivery controllers you need to deliver even the most demanding applications. By offloading computationally intense processes, VIPRION significantly reduces the number of application servers you need, saving management costs as well as power, space, and cooling in the data center.

  • Hardware Acceleration - Offload SSL/elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) ciphers in hardware for fast efficient workloads, saving valuable software computation.
  • SSL Scale and Performance - Accelerate key exchange and bulk encryption for best-in-market SSL performance, and enhance perfect forward secrecy (PFS) capabilities by faster ECC.
  • Hardware Compression - Cost effectively offload traffic compression processing from your servers. Improves page load times and reduces bandwidth utilization.

Mitigate DDoS attacks with superior security

F5 uses a collaborative software SYN cache and hardware SYN cookie approach to protect against large-scale SYN flood DDoS attacks. Using the embedded Packet Velocity Acceleration (ePVA) FPGA, select VIPRION platforms provide significantly higher performance (up to 640 million SYN cookies per second) over a pure software implementation.

  • High-Performance DDoS protection - Enabled through field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology tightly integrated with the F5 TMOS technology and software.
  • Superior Security in Hardware - Hardware detection and mitigation of more than 100 types of denial-of-service (DoS) and DDoS attacks.
  • Scale and Mitigate SYN flood attacks - Collaborative software SYN cache and hardware SYN cookie approach to protect against large-scale SYN flood DDoS attacks.