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Up to Eight B4450 Blades to its Chassis

  • Up to eight B4450 blades to achieve maximum throughout
  • Up to 48 vCMP instances
  • 16U industry standard rack-mount chassis
  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies
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Meeting the needs of the world's largest service providers, enterprises, and web-based businesses, the 4800 provides unsurpassed consolidation of ADC services with up to 48 vCMP instances. You can add up to eight B4450 blades to achieve maximum throughout, L7 RPS, SSL performance, and compression with no disruption. Designed completely in-house, the 4800 delivers an exceptional customer experience, maximum performance and scalability, and carrier-grade reliability. It's also the most power-efficient chassis, with 80 PLUS Gold Certified power supplies for lower cooling and energy requirements.

The On-Demand Application Delivery Controller

Your organization’s growing infrastructure puts more pressure on the network—from rising numbers of users and data center consolidation to cloud migrations and more feature-rich applications. Scaling your Application Delivery Network (ADN) to meet these ever-evolving demands means increased operational cost and complexity, limiting your organization’s ability to react quickly to new needs and opportunities.

Each F5 VIPRION platform is a single, powerful Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with modular performance blades you can add or remove without disrupting users or applications. Instead of adding devices and segmenting applications, simply add more power to your existing infrastructure as needs and opportunities arise. VIPRION enables the scalability you need to establish a sustainable ADN growth strategy.

Key Benefits

Reduce costs
Decrease OpEx and CapEx with the F5 ScaleN architecture, which provides unique flexibility to scale on demand, virtualize, and deliver application scaling in a device cluster.

Maximize performance
Manage and protect demanding apps with industry-leading layer 4 and layer 7 performance and SSL processing power.

Consolidate devices
Reduce the number of servers and ADCs along with power, space, cooling, and management requirements.

Achieve ultimate reliability
Make the ADN always available with redundancy at both the chassis and blade levels.

Increase Intelligence, Not Operating Costs

As your infrastructure grows and requires more power for layer 4 and layer 7 processing, SSL, compression, and more, you can simply add a blade to the VIPRION chassis and it will start processing traffic automatically. Whether you’re using one blade, four blades, or eight blades, VIPRION remains one device with fixed management costs.

Intelligent Performance Where It Matters

Traditional performance measurements in terms of throughput don’t accurately represent the complex needs of delivering modern web applications. Connection capacity and L7 transactions per second are critical. For instance, ADCs must be able to process high levels of layer 4 and layer 7 connections and make application-layer decisions such as removing sensitive information or transforming application-specific payloads. BIG-IP appliances have the intelligence and performance to handle application layer decisions while securing your data and infrastructure.

Simplify Your Network

VIPRION can help you simplify your network by offloading servers and consolidating devices, saving management costs as well as power, space, and cooling in the data center.

With VIPRION’s massive performance and scalability, you can reduce the number of Application Delivery Controllers you need to deliver even the most demanding applications. By offloading computationally intense processes, VIPRION significantly reduces the number of application servers you need. VIPRION includes:

  • SSL/elliptical curve cryptography (ECC) hardware acceleration—Offloads costly SSL encryption. Accelerates key exchange and bulk encryption to provide best-in-market SSL performance. Enhances perfect forward secrecy (PFS) capabilities through improved ECC performance.
  • Hardware compression—Enables you to cost effectively offload traffic compression processing from your servers. Improves page load times and reduces bandwidth utilization.
  • F5 OneConnect connection pooling—Aggregates millions of TCP requests into hundreds of server-side connections. Increases server capacity and ensures requests are handled efficiently by the back-end system.

Maximize Large-Scale Application and Firewall Performance

With its industry-leading layer 4/7 throughput, connection processing, and SSL/ECC performance, VIPRION efficiently manages the most demanding applications, offloads servers, and consolidates your Application Delivery Network. In addition, as an ICSA Labs Certified firewall solution, F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) on VIPRION provides native, high-performance network firewall services to protect public-facing websites and data center applications from distributed, multi-layer cyber attacks.

VIPRION high-performance and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection capabilities are enabled through field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology tightly integrated with the F5 TMOS technology and software.

F5 embedded Packet Velocity Acceleration (ePVA) FPGA delivers:

  • High-performance interconnection between Ethernet ports and processors.
  • L4 offload, enabling leading throughput rates and reduced loads on software.
  • Hardware-accelerated SYN flood protection.
  • Hardware detection and mitigation of more than 100 types of denial-of-service (DoS) and DDoS attacks.
  • Support for F5 IP Intelligence Services, with blacklist, whitelist, and graylist capabilities.
  • Native network overlay (VXLAN/NVGRE) support.
  • Hardware-enabled DNS caching, which hyperscales responses for fast service and app delivery (B2250).
  • User selectable hardware profiles that enable different performance levels for targeted workloads. Initial profile options include optimized L4 throughput on select platforms for CGNAT or L4-centric traffic management solutions.

Achieve Ultimate Reliability

In a VIPRION system with multiple blades, you can remove a blade without disruption. The other blades will instantly take over the processing load. You can also deploy VIPRION in an active/standby configuration to add another level of redundancy. The chassis is built with redundant power supplies and field swappable components. This multi-layered redundancy significantly reduces the possibility of downtime.